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Lists Overview

A list is a collection of mods created by one or more authors. For Bethesda games they include a modlist.txt, plugins.txt among other files. Lists support all 4 of the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, though updating and deleting require an API Token.

Creating a list with your existing user account also requires an API Token.


namestringYesThe name of the list
gameintegerYesThe ID of the game the list is for
descriptionstringYesA brief description of the list
files[]arrayYesThe files of the list. At least one file is required
versionstringNoThe version of the list
websitestringNoThe URL of the list’s website
discordstringNoThe URL of the list’s Discord server
readmestringNoThe URL of the list’s readme file
privatebooleanNoWhether the list is private. Defaults to false
expiresstringNoThe expiration time of the list. Valid values are 3h, 24h, 3d, 1w, or perm. If this property is not provided, the default value will be determined based on whether the user is logged in or not. Default for anonymous lists is 24h, for logged in is perm

Valid Files

Below is a listing of the valid file names a list can have. If there’s some missing or there that shouldn’t be, please let me know.

  • enblocal.ini
  • enbseries.ini
  • fallout.ini
  • falloutprefs.ini
  • fallout4.ini
  • fallout4custom.ini
  • fallout4prefs.ini
  • geckcustom.ini
  • geckprefs.ini
  • loadorder.txt
  • mge.ini
  • modlist.txt
  • morrowind.ini
  • mwse-version.ini
  • oblivion.ini
  • oblivionprefs.ini
  • plugins.txt
  • settings.txt
  • skyrim.ini
  • skyrimcustom.ini
  • skyrimprefs.ini
  • starfield.ini
  • starfieldcustom.ini
  • starfieldprefs.ini